Djaning is in the process of readying itself for a fabulous onslaught of dreamers, doers, misfits and magical movers and shakers.

A part of our vision is to create a space where our community, be it of the international variety or residents of our village and its surrounds, can feel safe to express themselves. This expression will/could entail anything from designing and planting out their own plot in our community garden, through to speaking their minds at one of our organised Speaker’s Corner events.

At Djaning we currently organise small community tree planting days, by donation workshops and general ongoing methodical mayhem. These workshops cover everything from Natural Building to Syntropic Agriculture, Holistic Management practices to Nature Connection work.

We have run Family Permaculture Days, Introduction to Permaculture weekend long retreats, and plan to run further sessions at Karuna in Churchstretton, Shropshire, UK.

We are currently facilitating Permaculture Design Certificate courses at Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community, in Eungella Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Past Courses

Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

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