A Family in Transition

Located in the shadows of Nightcap national park, in the sleepy, picturesque village of subtropical northern New South Wales, The Channon, Djaning is a place where a family and their friends, new and old, come to express themselves in ways of living, being and doing.

The name Djaning is derived from the name the local Widjabul people of the Bundjalung nation gave to the Burrawong Cycads (palm like plants) prominent throughout the region. The name of the village within which Djaning resides is thought to have derived it’s name, The Channon, through an anglisization of Djaning.

As owners and operators of Djaning, Fionn & Laura Quinlan understand that they are but earth stewards for their children’s children. Caretakers of this patch of land.

Professionally they are international permaculture practitioners, environmental educators, facilitators and design consultants. They have rich experience in many contemporary regenerative practices including Syntropic Agriculture, Holistic Management, the Miyawaki Method and Forest Gardening. They are also deeply involved as Nature Mentors for families wishing to ‘rewild’.

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