Forest Gardening Intensive

October 29 -31, 2021

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” –

Masanobu Fukuoka

This event is aimed at those wanting to get a little bit dirtier, learn a little more, spend some time to get to know Djaning, and delve deeper into the myriad means of creating, managing and maintaining a forest garden.

This course is for anyone interested in long term resilience, perennial food systems, community interdependence, self sufficiency, permaculture design techniques, strategies, and living applications.

We will be looking at existing systems here on Djaning, and begin to manage and extend an existing 2 -3 year old Syntropic system here on site. We will be pruning, mulching, planting, and delving into the aray of styles we have trialed here on the farm. Most of all we’ll be connecting through a love of all things trees, fire side chats, good food and inspiration from the burgeoning forest surrounds.

This is a great course for you have a genuine long term interest in plants, forestry and food growing. It’s also perfect if you’ve attended any of our, or other similar courses before, from Permaculture Design Certificates to introductory courses in forest gardening, syntropy and agroecology.

It would be expected that you at least know a little about forest succession and dynamics, and methodologies surrounding their implementation and management.Bring along any tools you may find useful. Particular tools we find useful are secateurs, machete, pull saw/folding saws and the like.

There is plenty of open space for camping, with beautiful ‘fancy’ compost toilets on site, fresh rain water for drinking, and a creek for swimming/bathing.

Dinners will be included, BYO lunch and breakfast. Hats, sunscrean, boots and water bottles will also come in handy.

The farm is situated within walking distance to The Channon village Tavern and shop.

This is a family friendly event, children welcome to attend with responsible parents. 😉

The cost for this two+ day intensive is $300 including camping and dinners.

Partner + family discount available. email us for for payment details.

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